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05 Dec Free Radicals Linked To DNA Damage
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How Free Radicals Works?A simple example of free radicals which everyone has come across is when we cut an apple. Once an apple is cut, it can only last for a few minutes before the color change to brown. The once crispy, juicy beautiful apple flesh has turned into a wrinkly grey. This is how free r..
16 Nov The Discovery of “Free Radicals” in 1900 …
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Free radicals was discovered by chemistry professor Moses Gomberg in 1900 at the University of Michigan.  At the time, most scientists had disagreement on the existence of free radicals due to many fail attempts, however Moses Gomberg managed to discover it.Moses Gomberg (center) with students at th..
08 Nov Types of antioxidants
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Antioxidants are getting much attention these days. Antioxidants-rich food. Antioxidants supplements. To the extent, healthy snacks with antioxidants. People are started to adopt antioxidants in their dietary.Do you know that there are various types of antioxidants exist in this world? Antioxidant e..
08 Nov Differences between Chlorella, Spirulina and Marine microalgae
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What is Chlorella? Chlorella is a single-celled green algae grows in warm, freshwater lakes, natural springs and saltwater. Chlorella belongs to Chlorophyta group that is commonly known as green algae or seaweed. It has spherical shape without flagella. Chlorella was discovered in the early 19th cen..
22 Sep Why we need Antioxidants?
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Every single organs and cells must be at their best condition for them to function optimally.  Do you know that our body cells face threats every day? They are being attacked by viruses and free radicals, thus harming our body cells and DNA.Our body produces antioxidants to protect our body cells fr..
15 Sep How to Choose the Best Antioxidant?
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We know that antioxidants hold multiple benefits for our health and wellbeing. But, how to choose the best antioxidant?Simply put, ensure you have the following information at hand:Types of antioxidants: many types of antioxidant that you may choose Benefits of each types: Each types of antioxidants..
08 Sep Free Radicals and Diseases
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Free radicals (also known as ROS “Reactive Oxygen Species”) can cause severe damage to the cellular system in our body. It may cause damage to macromolecules, DNA and proteins. This led to cause a variety of diseases, especially cancer and heart disease.The imbalance between oxidant and antioxidant ..
01 Sep History of Antioxidants
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Plants has been producing antioxidants such as ascorbic acid (vitamin C), polyphenols and tocopherols (vitamin E) since a long time ago as its defense mechanisms against reactive oxygen species that are byproducts of photosynthesis.Antioxidants has been recorded in the medical literature since the e..
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