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A Brighter Life In Motion, Uniting Healthy Living and Success Through Science and Innovation





The story of Vii begins with a passion and a dream, to do what no one else is capable of doing. The founders of Vii recognise the need for wellness products that are proven in its efficacy and sustainable. To achieve this, Vii combine the best of science and nature with leading innovation and manufacturing know-how. Vii source the world for the ultimate natural ingredients, establishing partnership with top industry leaders and academics from Europe to Asia which are experts in their field.




The story of Vii Nutrition is one of the scientific and technological breakthroughs in the lovely land of vine and olive, Spain. But more than that, it’s a story of what we believe we can be. From the beginning, our company is young in age and spirit, so that we are ready to take the world in a fundamentally new direction with essential innovations. That’s what’s happening in Vii Nutrition right now; a change towards safer and healthier living.

Vii Nutrition aims to build its network across the world, which is increasingly conscious of the need for high-quality nutrition due to its ageing population. In the East, the company will begin its rapid expansion in Southeast Asia with rapid progress from Malaysia. Growth in Southeast Asia will be faster than in Spain because Vii Nutrition is committed to building advanced production and marketing infrastructure.

Even so, Vii Nutrition is carefully picking and choosing its Southeast Asian targets. Some markets that do not have any presence of Vii Nutrition such as Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar are not immediate priorities, as there are many other countries to expand into such as Indonesia and Thailand.



We develop the perfect products through science, nature and technology.


We build entrepreneurship to make people's dreams come true.


We give back to society because we value diversity and inclusion from Day One.




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