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As a result of significant collaboration in Europe and swift business portfolio growth since 2018, Vii Nutrition’s foundations for growth are expanding as we prepare to meet the growing needs of an ageing global population. Now that Vii Nutrition has advanced to a new growth stage, in 2020, we established several key priorities in our medium to long term Management Policy to promote “Global Value Creation” through Healthy Ageing. We look to strengthen the earnings power of our members by further enhancing added value in our products and services. We are strengthening the management of our resources to expand new foundations for growth, and reinforcing CSR initiatives supporting our sustainable value creation goals.

Although we face a severe global business environment in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we leveraged on high added value strategy by expanding our premium products centred on the functional food market. We entered into an agreement to acquire exclusive rights from Fitoplancton Marino, a major Spanish biotech company, to open up a new source of growth. We also continued to engage with Universiti Putra Malaysia, such as the establishment of a joint research laboratory.

We are also increasingly expected to deepen our ASEAN initiatives, which underpin the value creation process. As a global company operating in a challenging world, we intend to continue to pursue sustainable growth and seek to improve corporate value in the medium to long-term.

Together we shall move mountains.


The Management

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