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Wake up to happiness and sensational feelings every day. This is the priceless gift of wellness we give you through our range of functional ingredient products. The only thing missing from it really, is that last bit of inspiration – you rediscovering your wellness.


We test our products to the highest possible quality at each and every step of the way. We achieve this by investing in the latest technologies to ensure best practices for production and testing.


We give you only the best, because you deserve the best. Using the best-in-class ingredients ever that works for you, our products transform not only your skin but your inner beauty. Because bringing out your unique beauty is our ultimate passion.

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Truly, quality and efficacy is in our DNA.

Which is why our products meet and exceed international standards which are recognised by top experts and certification bodies worldwide.


We continually enhance our product certifications and quality assurance, even though our products are certified at the highest standard in the market.



Real wellness comes from the inside out. Which is why we’ve created everlasting health foundation for you with the incredible and amazing MA+. It is formulated with the patented TetraSOD®, which has the proven efficacy as the most powerful ingredient against oxidative stress.


Formulated entirely from sustainable, ground-breaking and patented technology, MA+ is your key to a whole new world of healthy ageing.


Live the longer & healthier life you never know you could with MA+. Because no other ingredients performs better than TetraSOD® in neutralising free radicals.

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Say bye-bye to the signs of ageing with SC+. SC+ combines the power of nature and science to transform your complexion. Indulge yourself with our proven ingredient - patented sakura extract Prunus Lannesiana Wils. A formulation so advanced it could only come from us.


SC+ maintains your vitality as you age. It’s never been easier to look younger and feel healthier.


No more wrinkles, dehydration and dullness, but smooth, firm and radiant looking skin. Yours forevermore with SC+ (truly, there is no limit to the indulgence).

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