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What Truly Frightens Us As We Age

As we reach our golden years, it is interesting to note that what we are truly frightened about is not ageing itself, but rather the effects of it, such as senility and losing control of our mind and bodies.

Ageing is a natural part of our life cycle – from the moment we are born, we already start to age.

Many people are concerned about the effects of ageing and seek ways to remain youthful. But what if growing old isn't so bad?

There are two kinds of ageing – physiological (degeneration after maturity) and pathological (degeneration before maturity caused by various external factors, including diseases).

According to research, intrinsic (genetic) factors account for 20% of ageing. The remainder is caused by acquired (environmental) factors such as lifestyle, infection, eating habits, lack of exercise, drug abuse and psychological stress.

Aside from a healthy diet and regular exercise, functional ingredients play an important role in reducing health risks associated with ageing.

To address issues brought on by ageing, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) is coming up with a solution through its Bioprocessing and Biomanufacturing Research Centre (BBRC) team led by Prof Dr Arbakariya Ariff.

In collaboration with PNT Research, the team extracts higher doses of antioxidants from the marine microalgae TetraSOD to help achieve healthy, graceful ageing.

Prof Arbakariya said TetraSOD is the crucial ingredient in PNT Research’s flagship product, Microalgae+ (MA+).

Made from a combination of TetraSOD, bio-enhanced tocotrienol (T3) and 76 essential macro-minerals and trace minerals, MA+ is a powerhouse of antioxidants.

BBRC associate researcher Dr Fadzlie Wong Faizal Wong said the MAEs (master antioxidant enzymes) in MA+ activate NRF2 gene to protect cells from harmful substances, enhancing overall wellness.

“International patents have been granted for the cultivation and extraction processes of TetraSOD, ” he said.

Meanwhile, PNT Research managing director Lee Bin Hao stated that Microalgae+ is marketed by Vii Nutrition, a sister company of PNT Research.

“Along with MA+, we created Sakura Collagen+ (SC+) for healthy ageing skin, ” he added.

“SC+ combines exclusive patented ingredients and natural extracts, merging highly efficient elements with advanced beauty technology. Together with halal certified specifications, SC+ represents a ground-breaking and complete collagen supplement formula.”

PNT Research is a division of Vii Biohealth Sciences, a leading biotechnology company based in Spain specialising in bioscience-based health care and wellness products.

It is supported by strategic alliances with the world's most advanced companies in functional ingredients and products, including those from Japan, Germany and Spain.

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