Sakura Collagen (SC+)

The symbol of JAPAN

Sakura flower (cherry blossom) has been favoured by Japanese from ancient time. According to the oldest record, it was planted for their beauty and adornment of the ground nobility as early as 794. Japanese people love Sakura flower so much that they enjoy Hanami (a festival to view flowers, probably typical to Japanese custom). Sakura blooms in spring after long and dark winter, so it becomes an omen of good fortune and synonym of spring. People regard Sakura as sic and elegant symbol of Japanese beauty as well as Mount Fuji. Sakura blossom was used to bring fortune in agriculture annually in some regions, implying how Japanese people cared for the season when Sakura blooms.

Sakura is classified into the Rosaceae family (a group of rose)—Sakura represents the beauty of Japan, whereas rose represents the beauty of the west. The beauty of Sakura begins to be widely accepted and represented in all manner of consumer goods of Japanese style such as kimono, stationery and dishware. Sakura or cherry blossoms are edible, and both are used as a food ingredient and in cosmetics applications in Japan. Sakura extract has been proven as an anti-glycation agent with the promotion of collagen formation in fibroblasts that leads to anti-ageing.

Based on clinical trials, sakura extract exhibited (1) reduction of skin Advanced Glycation End products or AGEs (2) suppression of skin elasticity reduction, (3) reduction of pigmentation and reddish area, (4) suppression of increase in pores area, (5) suppression of dry skin and (6) improvement of skin smoothness.

Patented Sakura Extract

SC+ is made of patented sakura extract Prunus Lannesiana Wils which inhibits melanin formation, anti-oxidation and promotes collagen production for the skin to regain its velvety smoothness and glow.

Verisol® Collagen Peptide

SC+ utilises tailor-made Verisol® collagen peptide by Gelita, the world’s leading collagen manufacturer. A key, patented ingredient in SC+, Verisol® is the first collagen peptide in the market that utilises a unique membrane coating technology. Verisol® protects the collagen peptide as it passes through the stomach acid, allowing nutrients to penetrate the dermis layer and promotes the regeneration of collagen and elastin for 192-hours, far exceeding the standard collagen peptide’s 8-hours, for a longer-lasting beauty effect.

TetraSOD® Antioxidant Enzyme - Beauty Booster

Exclusively developed by Fitoplancton Marino - a leading Spanish marine microalgae production company, TetraSOD® marine microalgae contains a variety of trace elements required by the human body which enables super antioxidant effects to help strengthen skin’s immunity, promotes skin cell renewal, and soothes the skin, enhancing the product’s skincare efficacy.

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Japanese Yuzu Extract and Roselle Extract - Dual Repair Essence

SC + contains two types of flower and fruit extract essences - Japanese Yuzu (Citrus Junos) and Roselle extract, a unique compound formula that takes anti-ageing to a whole new level. Japanese Yuzu extract helps repair and activate cells to beautify the skin. Roselle extract contains a high number of antioxidants which plays a role in fighting ageing and restoring skin elasticity. Double the essence, double the repair, double the care for your skin!

Trinity Beauty Mechanism

SC+’s triple beauty mechanism perfectly combines the promotion of collagen production, repairing the skin barrier and moisture lock-in to keep the skin in its best condition at all times.


About Sakura Collagen (SC+)