The FIRST Step of Healthy Ageing

Microalgae+ (MA+) is a European Union-certified novel food made from TetraSOD®, the best and most potent anti-oxidant known to date. TetraSOD® is a unique marine-based functional ingredient derived from microalgae.

Microalgae are known as the ‘green gold in our seawater’ as it contains a variety of valuable oils, proteins, antioxidants and vitamins, making them a highly productive natural resource.

As a healthy, functional ingredient, it has the most balanced nutritional composition. TetraSOD® is rich in MAEs (SOD, GPx, CAT) that activates the NRF2 gene to protect cells from harmful substances. Few products achieve what SOD does in the face of oxidative stress, since this stress is what generates cellular damage that is at the origin of many diseases.

In addition to TetraSOD®, MA+ features a combination of bio-enhanced tocotrienol as well as 76 essential macro-minerals and trace minerals.

The EXTRA Boost You Need to Stay Active

Jogging, swimming, and going to the gym are some of the most common, modern-day activities we do to stay in shape and healthy. However, did you know that strenuous physical activity causes the body to produce large amounts of free radicals? MA+ effectively helps the body remove excess free radicals produced by intense exercises, relieve muscle soreness and fatigue. MA+ also accelerates the recovery of damaged cells so that fitness and exercise enthusiasts can maintain an active life, going beyond personal limits, and achieving their best performance.

The results of clinical studies carried out by Fitoplancton Marino indicate that 32 soccer players who took one tablet of TetraSOD® a day for a month have achieved haemoglobin and oxygen levels equivalent to developing a high-performance program of three months at three thousand meters in height. They also lowered their body fat level, and their hearts worked at fewer beats recovered faster than those athletes not taking TetraSOD®.

Regarding its use as a food ingredient, TetraSOD® is used in almost all Michelin-starred restaurants in Spain and Italy since 2014, and also to a lesser extent in France and the Netherlands. It is a high-end premium product, but a small amount is needed for each use.