MA+is a comprehensive antioxidative functional health product with the most powerful antioxidant TetraSOD® ,Bio-enhanced Tocotrienol (T3)  as well as 76 macro- and trace minerals .


Through its unique Trinity Protection System, MA+ protects cells from free radicals to achieve optimal health and peak physical condition



Developed exclusively by Spain’s most esteemed marine microalgae production company, Fitoplancton Marino - TetraSOD® marine microalgae integrates the master  antioxidants necessary for the human body, such as SOD, CAT, and GPx, which are able to effectively eliminate free radicals while playing a vital antioxidant role. 


The cultivation of microalgae with patented technology-photobioreactor to protect it from exterior threats such as bacteria and contamination risks. These patented, innovative operations ensure the microalgae's quality, as the cultivation parameters such as temperature and pH are controlled and monitored carefully to optimize the photosynthetic processes.

MA +