How Free Radicals Works?

A simple example of free radicals which everyone has come across is when we cut an apple. Once an apple is cut, it can only last for a few minutes before the color change to brown. The once crispy, juicy beautiful apple flesh has turned into a wrinkly grey. This is how free radicals works!

Free radicals are capable to destroy enzymes, protein molecule and even a complete cell. Free radicals can multiply by process of a chain reaction. These reactive substances can harm cell structures so gravely, weaken the immunity system and altered DNA codes.

Recall on what happen to apple, the process is called oxidation. Likewise, if our cells are left unprotected, a similar process might take place inside the body, causes our cells and tissues unable to function properly, eventually causing unpredictable damages. In another word, free radicals may have serious out-turn to our health.

“Free radicals are produced in cells by cellular metabolism and by exogenous agents. These species react with biomolecules in cells, including DNA. The resulting damage to DNA, which is also called oxidative damage to DNA, is implicated in mutagenesis, carcinogenesis, and aging” – article:

We Can’t Avoid Free Radicals!

Truth to be told, we can’t avoid free radicals because free radicals are produced within the body as natural by-products of ongoing biochemical reaction during metabolism activities, detoxification processes and when the body are fighting against infections or viruses. When these by-products (or also known as waste products) built up, it may cause harm to the body.