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About Vii Nutrition


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In order to achieve our vision by 2025, we have 3 missions:
in quality health ingredients.
with leading technology and health discovery.
entrepreneurship opportunity for all generations.

About Vii Nutrition


Our Influential Advisory, Research Team and Research Institution.

Professor Dr. Arbakariya bin Ariff

Head of PNT Research Laboratory

  • Ph.D., University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology, United Kingdom
  • Dean of Faculty of Biotechnology & Bio-molecular Science
  • Expertise: Fermentation Technology, Bioprocess Engineering

Arbakariya was the founder of Fermentation Technology Unit (FTU), at Institute of Bioscience in 1999. He was responsible in the planning, designing (laboratory design, equipment arrangement and flow process, water, gas and steam piping system and etc) and purchasing of equipment. This unit was set-up as a service and facility unit with the capability to scale-up bench scale research findings to industrial scale for commercialization, emphasizing on bioprocessing and biomanufacturing. FTU has been expanded with the establishment of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) facilities for animal vaccine production and also facilities for production of food and food ingredients in 2014, and at present, it is known as Bioprocessing and Biomanufacturing Research Centre (BBRC). The facilities in this research center have been used by many companies for process development and also for contract production of various biotechnology and biobased products.

So far, he has involved with more than 60 research projects funded by several agencies and companies, national and international.  Most of his projects were related to the development of biomanufacturing process for production of biotechnology and biobased products. With very huge research grants, he is actively involved in postgraduate studies program. To date, 28 PhD and 54 MSc students have been graduated under his main supervision. He has also published more than 200 papers in refereed journals. He has also presented many lectures in seminar and conference at national and international levels. Arbakariya is also actively involved in consultation work and has been appointed as an advisor and a consultant to many companies for the development of industrial process for production of commercial biotechnology and biobased products

Scientist Carlos Unamunzaga Escosura

Head of PNT Research Laboratory

  • Marine Sciences Scientist from University of Cadiz
  • Speaker for Algae Tech Conference 2019
  • CEO of Fitoplancton Marino

Fitoplnacton Marino was founded in 2002 and launched by two graduates in Marine Sciences from the University of Cádiz, Carlos Unamunzaga, a native of Bilbao and Lalia Mantecón de Marbella.

The initial idea was to create a support firm for the thriving aquaculture sector in the Bay of Cádiz, trying to advise them on processes to improve productivity and quality with microalgae. However, although the company also maintains this line of work, it has opened others aimed at the possibilities of microalgae in fields such as cosmetics, aquarium products or human food. In his factory work now 17 people, of which eleven are researchers, more than 50 percent of them trained at the University of Cádiz.

The company regularly collaborates with researchers from the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) or with laboratories in the United States and Canada in the development of new products. Since 2011, he is part of the Hisparroz group, linked to the multinational Ebro Foods.

A Breakthrough in Human Nutrition

A leader in the Research & Development of Marine Microalgae.

Scientific Institute

UPM (University of Putra Malaysia)

  • We worked with professors, medical doctors, scientists and researchers from UPM (University of Putra Malaysia).
  • Our scientific team conducts clinical studies to prove a new product stability, purity, potency and efficacy.

Fitoplancton Marino

  • World Leader in Marine Microalgae Production Cutting Edge Technology Research Center
  • 1st Microalgae production company to receive ISO 22000
  • The only marine microalgae approved as Novel Food (EU Reg. 258/97)
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